The SA Chefpreneurs, through its committed business partners, coaches, and industry mentors also provides operational business growth workshops and coaching for SMMs who are members of the SA Chefs Association, on all different levels within the food industry to operate potentially profitable businesses in their respective areas.

This committee was established and mandated by the SA Chefs Association Board, to:

  • Offer continuous support to small businesses at different levels
  • Empowering them to network, gain valuable knowledge, and run profitable businesses
  • Access potential corporate and government funding channels, to operate effectively and efficiently in their own establishments.

SA Chefpreneurs Golf Day:

The objective of the golf day was to raise funds for the committee to perform specific duties and assist entrepreneurs in the food space. The Golf Day images can be viewed here.

In addition to taking steps to innovate and pivot their businesses in response to this new reality, the vast majority of SMEs are going to need broader support if they are to emerge stronger from the crisis. Many may lack the in-house skills and business advisory services they need to get the right advice on structural business changes and to help them reimagine their business at this time. For this reason, the SA Chefpreneurs is offering businesses an opportunity to apply for a special grant.

Thresholds: Type of businesses Grant amount or Equipment value range apply per the below set funding guidelines.

  • Threshold 1: Idea generation and survivalist start-ups R1, 000 – R10, 000.
  • Threshold 2: Start-ups PTY and cooperatives – R10, 000 – R 20, 000.

Funds should be used for:

  • Daily company overhead and other operational and administrative expenses.
  • Basic operational equipment assisting SMMEs that are lacking production equipment for their businesses.
  • Enabling SMMEs with office equipment will improve their competitiveness and professionalism.
  • Digital transformation e.g. Website development, digital marketing material, or any admin-related expenses.
  • Enabling the Business’s availability online and also taking advantage of the digital marketing platforms.
  • Administration, Activity Purpose, Roadshow set-ups Event setups, and relevant tools
  • Travel and Accommodation expenses for team mobilization

Criteria for Funding:

Each application for funding is assessed in terms of the following criteria. Beneficiaries must be:

  1. A FULLY PAID member of The South African Chefs Association and should be 100% South African citizen. To enquire about membership, email
  2. Operate a tourism or hospitality business within the borders of South Africa.
  3. The main applicant needs to be adequately involved in the day-to-day operation and management of the business.
  4. Having relevant qualifications or business and/or technical experience including proven entrepreneurship business experience where applicable.
  5. Able to motivate their business idea and support when needed.
  6. Operating either informally or formally; generally recognized as micro enterprises (e.g. street traders, vendors, emerging enterprises);
  7. Having a profit motive and being commercially viable and sustainable; an Individual entity must have a bank account.
  8. Cooperatives: Must have or be willing to form a group of a minimum of 5 persons.

Email the following documents:

  • Business Profile
  • Business registration (CIPC document)
  • CV of the main applicant
  • SA Chefs membership number
  • Between 300-500 words on how these funds will transform your business.

All documents are to be sent DIRECTLY to Should ANY of the above documents be missing, your application is automatically forfeited.

Closing Date – All applications be submitted by 5 February 2023

“Small businesses are agile and resilient. They are used to fending for themselves and if their potential is truly unleashed, they can take South Africa’s growth to a whole new level. Small businesses are tough, flexible, and hardworking.”

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