To promote South African products, as well as to equip learners with specialised culinary skills, we have teamed up with ingredient experts to create informative culinary training Masterclasses. Feel free to read through the material online or print out the documents for your convenience.

Click on any of the below links to learn some new cooking skills:

  1. Ostrich, brought to you by Klein Karoo
  2. Sugar, brought to you by Huletts
  3. Paris Brest
  4. Tempering Chocolate
  5. Crusted Naartjie Liqueur Bon Bons
  6. Marshmallow making with Chef Dilene Cranna
  7. Proudly South African Puddings
  8. Luscious Nougat
  9. Pate de fruit – Fruit Jellies
  10. Be Our Valentine
  11. Panforte
  12. Zuccotto
  13. Sous Vide Salmon
  14. The Final Cut
  15. The Power of Precision
  16. Master Composition