The following fees are payable upon joining the South African Chefs Association and annually thereafter.

Junior Member – R165.00
Youth Member – R165.00
Professional Member – R295.00 per annum
Training Provider – R3200.00 per annum
Corporate Member – R3750.00 per annum
Associate Member – R295.00 per annum
Academy of Chefs* – Complimentary
Fellow Member** – R295.00 per annum
Please note that fees are subject to change from time to time with due notice. All values include VAT.
Please Note: *Academy of Chefs’ members are selected from active members who have been with the Association for a period of 20 years or more, and at the discretion of the Academy of Chefs.
**Fellow Members are selected from those members who have been with the Association for over ten years, and at discretion of the Board of Directors.
To become a member please get hold of Membership Coordinator Precious Maseko on  or (011) 482 7250.
We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the SA Chefs.