SA Chefs Events

The various competitions and events run by The South African Chefs Association (SA Chefs) form an integral part of both the Association and South Africa’s culinary industry as a whole.

SA Chefs’ events are another driving force in creating brand awareness, celebrating culinary arts, representing and promoting members, sponsors, patron and partners.

SA Chefs has hosted and participated in events such as;

  • The President’s Dinner which aims to pay tribute to industry partners and friends for their long service to the industry and SA Chefs

  • Food and Hospitality Africa during the month of May which hosts professional cooking competitions as well as demonstrations by industry Chefs.

  • One of SA Chefs’ event highlights of each year, is hosting InfoChef - an annual conference by SA Chefs, that puts on a show for senior high school learners, professional Chefs and industry heavy weights, where the programme was packed with interesting speakers, interactive demonstrations, a master class, give-aways and Chef competitions.



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