SA Chefs Board

The SA Chefs Board is composed of the President, Vice Presidents, Directors, Advisors, Advisors and the Immediate Former President.
In order to serve as a Board Member, a SA Chefs member shall:
-Have held Professional member privileges for at least five consecutive years and must maintain a Professional member status while holding office;
-Have served for at least two years as:

  1. A Special Elected Committee Chair;
  2. Have attended two Annual General Meetings prior to his/her election;
  3. Be a member in good standing
  4. Be an active member in good standing within the hospitality Industry
  5. Must reside and work within the Republic of South Africa
  6. An elected Regional Officer

Categories of Membership

There are 2 categories of SA CHEFS membership as follows:
Voting Members and Non-Voting Members

2.2.1. Voting Members Professional Member

  1. Any Professional Member of the Hospitality and Supporting Industries with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the industry.
  2. A professional member in good standing* shall have full voting rights.
  3. Professional members may use the SA Chefs logo on Chef Jackets indicating their membership.
  4. Logos may not be used on business stationary or cards unless the members join as Corporate Members. Youth Member

  1. Once a student / junior member has graduated and begins working in Industry, they will qualify for Youth Membership.
  2. After 3 years unbroken membership, they will automatically update to Professional Membership.
  3. Youth Membership in good standing shall have full voting rights.

To be eligible to vote, please ensure that your Membership is up to date.
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