Meet the SA Chefs Competitions Director

Adrian Vigus-Brown

Chef Adrian Vigus-Brown is Executive Chef of the African Pride Melrose Arch, Autograph Collection® Hotel in Johannesburg, Adrian is a firm believer in volunteering and industry involvement. He has had a keen participant in SA Chefs for over 10 years and highlights his role as the Young Chefs Club Chairman and more recently his title of World Chefs Young Chefs Ambassador Mentor MEA.

He is currently serving his second term on the board of directors and has strategic plans to implement impactful programs, including restoring the SA Chefs competitions to their former prominent status. As a current National Team South Africa, Adrian knows what it takes to compete at the Highest level and believes this should be brought to the general competition scene. As and International Judge Adrian also believes that the South African Judges Roll should also be upgraded and be a position of honor and privilege

SA Chefs Licensed Judges

Being a SA Chefs licensed Judge will give you the opportunity to judge the culinary competitions within South Africa under the South African Chefs association, having sufficient judging experience will also count to your requirements of being a certified world chefs judge (completely separate process and administration)

SA Chefs Official Judges Ranks:

  • SA Chefs A – National level judge with experience in World Chefs judging
  • SA Chefs B – National level judge
  • SA Chefs C – Apprentice judge
  • SA Chefs Marshal – Kitchen Judge specifically

It is vital for the member to know that the seminar does not automatically qualify him/her to be a fully licensed judge, and that there are additional criteria needed to achieve this status.

The seminar will certify the member as an automatic Level C judge for the period of 5 years (from valid judge seminar) should the below criteria not be met.

**(Designation and Description table to be inserted)**


(1) Per the SA Chefs Rules

(2) NQF qualification level 4 or higher in culinary arts

(3) Sous Chef Level or higher in a professional kitchen,

or Self-employed in a reputable establishment

or be a chef educator

(4) Three local competitions or one international competition


* Should be in a position higher than junior educator

** Or have shown competition history within the last six years within SA Chefs or World Chefs,

*** Ideally with World Chefs certification or completed the World Chefs judging course

**** Or have endorsement from the SA Chefs President and Director of Competitions

Having endorsement from the SA Chefs President and Director of Competitions may supersede the above conditions where necessary.

World Chefs Level AWorld Chefs Level BABC
Garth ShnierNadin Pospech DemmlerAdrian Vigus-BrownAndy CordierAndrew Unsworth
Martin KobaldTrevor BoydAllister EsauBradley KavanaghClaire Blinkhorn-Street
Heinz BrunnerSharmaine Dixon Arnold TanzerCarianne WilkinsonCoovashan Pillay
Brian McCuneCaryn EnglandHilary Biller
Heinz BrunnerElsu GerickeJohn Boehler
Manfred MuellersHenrico GrobbelaarMarlise Mostert
Morne StrohMichael Collings
Nadeem RajaPam Nel
Nicholas Van Der Walt
Shaun Munro
Thlolo Nyatlo

To become and SA Chefs licensed judge, you would need to meet the minimum requirements as well as have been certified in a judge’s seminar.

If anyone is left off the list or if there are errors, please email To request licensed judges for your event please email

SA Chefs Judges Seminars

SA Chefs has a Judges roll that has certified and duly certified and licensed judges. Licensed Judges will make sure that a fair and consistent level is achieved throughout SA Chefs and Allied competitions by following a carefully set and current judging criteria along with standardized competition rules and guidelines in line with World Chefs.

Becoming a licensed SA Chefs Judge

There is a set of requirements that needs to me met to be eligible to become a licensed judge along with that a member would need to attend and pass the criteria in a judges seminar, having attended the Competition Seminar is one part of the process, and does not automatically qualify you as a SA Chefs Licensed Judge. Members applications would need to be evaluated at the competitions seminar to be licensed, or in the even the seminar is the first step the applicant would be evaluated by the Competitions Committee (cc) and provide evidence of support in a formal application process to support their application .

Upcoming judges’ seminars

* under construction

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